Who We Are

We understand you because we are you!

We believe being nimble is our greatest strength

Being a small consultancy ourselves we truly get what it’s like to work within the constraints of limited resources, whilst still having the big dreams. But being small is what makes us nimble and we believe being nimble is our greatest strength.

It gives us the ability to be able to weave in and out of your business without being bogged down by lots of red tape and long winded processes. Don’t get us wrong we love structure and order and it’s our very structure that allows us to take a deep breath and be able to devote time to get to know your organisation, before we dive into the ‘doing’. We don’t take on every project, but once we do take on a client we’re committed to the end.

We have built up excellent alliances with a number of other similar consultancies, which we can draw upon when your project needs additional expertise outside of our remit e.g. graphic designers/web developers etc. Alternatively if you already have a preferred agency/consultancy in mind to provide the required services we are more than happy to work with them.

We are Consult Five; we are flexible, hardworking and professional.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a look at what we’ve done for some of our clients.